10 reasons to visit Berlin

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and well worth your visit. Being one of the biggest cities in Europe and having such a rich history will make it even possible to spend a whole week (or longer) in the city without getting bored. It is impossible to list all reasons to visit Berlin in one blog. I would be writing a book trying to do so, so I’ve only made a small selection of “must see” places in the city, based on a city trip.

  • Berlin Wall

During the second world war the city was divided in two parts. This had a huge influence on the city life and history. Because of that it is an absolute must to visit the remaining parts of this wall. At the waterside there is a large part of it still standing, now decorated on one side with pieces of art, all telling an important story. Walk along this wall, watch the pieces and try to understand them. I even recommend trying to let the feelings in to you body and soul. You will get emotional!

The other side of the wall has an exhibition about war and its victims. These stories are breathtaking if you let them. They are very emotional, but worth your attention. You can walk around the wall and have a look at both sides. Sounds exhausting? Don’t worry. As you are close to the waterside, there is plenty of space to rest. If you are lucky, you will even find some street artists who will entertain you.


People often say they don’t understand how the mass murdering of jews was possible during war. If you wonder how this could have happened, visit the museum of topografie des terrors. Step by step it explains you how that nightmare became reality. I have to warn you that this is a very busy place, as everyone wants to know the answer to that question. Be aware of the fact that the stories told there are cruel and tears may leave your eyes as you inhale the stories and images.

The jewish museum has a wide range of information on the jewish history, culture and time during the world war. It might have too much information to process in one visit. We took half a day to walk around in it and at one point decided to leave the rest for when we’d return. You can easily walk around in this museum a whole day. Personal highlights are two pieces of art that resemble the feeling of jews during and after the war. In one you walk over faces, making screaming, cold noises as you walk over them. Making you feel anxious and uncomfortable. The other has you walking around high grey pilars, up and down a hill, making you feel disorganised.

  • Beaches

Berlin has a lot of different ways of letting you enjoy beach-life. I would recommend you to be an adventurer and walk along the waterside. You’ll soon find some cool places to get close to the water and hang out in a real beach chair with sand between your toes. As they have their own style and sphere I let you chose yourself which one fits you best.

Driving a real oldtimer through the city. It doesn’t make you see the city when driving, because your attention will get absorbed be the car and your driving skills. So when you are tha passenger, the sightseeing is worth it and when you are the driver, the experience of driving this old car is worth it. A nice extra is the fact that these cars are perfect models for a (small) fotoshoot. I loved driving it and my passenger loved the sightseeing. Don’t expect much information from the guides other than go left and right. A walky talky and an old radio is used for guiding, but the quality is rather bad, so understanding what they say is difficult. Especialy when you don’t speak german. But don’t let this stop you from having this wonderful ecperience.

  • Memorial to the murdered jews

A memorial dedicated to the jews during world war II. This is perhaps the most important memorial in the whole city. It is quiet impossible to visit the city without crossing this memorial for it takes such an amount of space and pulls so many people towards it. Entrance to this memorial is free of charge, as it is in the middle of the streets. Free of charge does not mean free of emotions. It will be appreciated if you show some respect walking through it. Respect means following the rules, writen at every corner and considering the meaning of the place while walking around in it.


  • Fernsehturm

This tower allows you to view the city from above. As it turns aroud it will give you the opportunity to see the whole city from another perspective. It is fun to do at the beginning of your trip, because it allows you to see the distances and help you planning your trip. Its also fun to do at the end of it, to see where you’ve been and what you’ve missed out. You will be amazed about how much there is that pulls your attention and makes you want to visit even more of the city. Apart from seeing all the places you must visit, also take time to enjoy the amazing view itself. You are high up in the sky, imagine you’re a bird. This is what being a bird looks like. Have fun!


  • Berliner Dom

The Berlin Cathedral church is one of the biggest and prettiest churches in the city. It has a very rich history and a impressive story. Following a guided tour will provide you extra information. You can also walk yourself through the cathedral. Take time to admire the organ, which also has its own interesting story.


  • Engelbecken

Want to chill out? Engelbecken is a nice place to do so. With a lovely pond lying in the sun and a café with a sunside terace, this is a very nice place to rest out after a long walk. Take some time to have a drink, cool down with your feet in the water and move on discovering the neighboudhoor around it. It’s also possible to visit the church and read about her history.


  • Walk or cycle

Take a map of the city and start walking around. Only then you will discover hidden treasures in the city. You can also rent a bike and cycle around the city. Go ahead and search for the treasures of this beatiful city.

To keep a readible length, I will end the article here. I did not yet list all there is to see and all we’ve seen during our citytrip. I even admit that even during our 4-day citytrip we didn’t even see it all. We returned home telling each other what we wanted to do when returning. So don’t get your hopes up high. Visiting the city will only make you want to return.

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