Graffiti Romance

San Francisco 2012,

You should never visit the USA without visiting San Francisco. This we thought we knew. After our visit we were sure we knew. Part of our family left to pick up the rental car, leaving me and my mom in this beautiful welcoming city. They told us to leave the touristic scene, so we did.

We figured out San Francisco was famous for its street art, so we decided to wander around the city looking for these masterpieces. Mom had seen one on the Internet. “The beautiful blue one” was the one we were looking for. eventually we found it, but we also found this.


The painter was still present as we were checking out his painting on a parked truck, which we hope to believe was his own. The guy took the time to join us as we were looking at his piece. “You like it?” He asked. It may not have been the prettiest or the most spectacular painting in the whole city, but we did like it. After looking closely we even saw something rather unusual for a painting like this. “The girl is wearing a pair of glasses” Mom noticed. Funny detail for this is not the usual habit in this graffiti style. The painter first giggled and then told us the story.

At the time of the painting he was having a girlfriend (I wonder if they are still together). For this painting was pretty big it took the guy a long time to finish it, which gave her  plenty of time to pass by and check out on his work. While his work was still in progress she went to check how he was doing and of course noticed the girl, then without the glasses. She took a look at the painting and the sketches and got angry. Her boyfriend was painting a sexy girl on a big truck, which was not looking like her. It made her mad (sad maybe) that he was painting someone else. In other words, she got jealous at the girl on the truck, because she knew it was not her he was painting. Yet she believed that since she was his girlfriend, that should be her on it.

Believing the mans story, the women must have yelled at him, making a furious scene in the streets as he was painting. He than made this somehow heroic decision to change his painting and giving the girl (on the truck) a pair of glasses like his own girlfriend in order to stop the fight and jealousy of his girlfriend as he had now painting someone looking like her.


I consider his decision as romantic as he gives her now the opportunity to go and brag around that she’s been painted on a truck and looks damn hot. himself he now took time to entertain people passing by with the story and his romance for his girl.

I wonder if they are still together. anyone who knows?

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