Not your enemy

Spring is coming, so are we and we are not the enemy!

*Recently this blog’s Title and content changed, due to some new knowledge about these beautiful creatures. If you already read this, read it again!*

Snails tend to be found close to flowers and plants, of which humans believe they like to eat. Gardeners rather see them die than to see their beauty. Well, they seem wrong. I learned from Natuurfreak (written in Dutch) that snails with houses do not eat the plants, but dead leaves and materials. Also they eat the eggs from slugs, snails without houses. Those are the evil ones who eat your beautiful flowers. Yet they hide during daytime and eat away your garden during night. This means snails are more a friend than an enemy. Knowing this you should stop killing them.

I think these animals are worth some positive attention for they are of a whole different type of animal than what we’re used to. Try to look at them in the biological way. Pay attention to their movement and live.

Don’t you think they are special somehow?


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