Visit Uganda, Visit Queen Elisabeth National park!

Uganda is a republic positioned on the equator. It is a country that is completely surrounded by land and thus has no access to any sea. It does have a great part of lake Victoria which is bigger than Belgium and providing beaches. Capital is Kampala, an enormous city divided in poor and rich, also worth a visit.

If you’ve ever visited Uganda, you probably also visited Queen Elisabeth national park. If you didn’t you missed out on some amazing opportunities. There are more National parks in Uganda you could have visited though, so I only hope you visited at least one.

If you have never travelled to Uganda, I recommend you now to visit at least one of the national parks. You just can’t visit Africa without having at least one gamedrive or boat ride on your agenda. Even is culture is your main reason to visit, make some time and you will not be sorry. If you don’t believe me? Take some time to watch these photos. They will convince you in no time! That it? Nope, there will be more to come in a next post!


notice locals in the background


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