The Voer region, Belgium

The Voer region, a region located in Belgium with a very large and interesting history, which explains why this region belongs to the Flemish part of the country, but is surrounded by the french speaking part, Wallonia. For those who don’t know what I mean, there are some little things to know about Belgium.

Belgium is a small country, too small compared to its large history, with three official languages; Dutch (or Flemish as Belgians rather call it), French and German. The German part is the smallest, yet quite interesting. The Voer region is completely surrounded by the french speaking part and the border with the Netherlands, but is part of the Flemish province “Limburg”. Te fun part is that you cannot reach the region without crossing the border or the Wallonia. This is due to a political quarrel in the 60’s. Eventually this region became part of the Limburg province and thus Flemish speaking. Because of the surroundings you could expect the majority to speak French, but that doesn’t seem to be so! There are facilities in French, but the majorit prefers Flemish!

The hilly area of the Voer region counts 6 villages and its hamlets, spread over 50 square kilometers.

Enough information about the region itself. Why should you visit this place?

  • Go for a walk

Surrounded by beautiful hills and valleys, due to the river Maas and its affluent rivers, you have a beautiful, sometimes even magical view while you walk. The region has a large network of hiking tracks through the villages als valleys. Short and long walks can be done.

  • Bike along

I can understand your point of view if you’d say walking doesn’t bring you far enough to see everything. No worries, take a bike. As well as there are plenty of hiking trails, there are plenty of cycling routes, both well signed at the side of the road. I recommend one of both ways to explore the region as you can enjoy and inhale more of you surroundings by foot or by bike. Driving your care makes you watch the road ahead of you. This is grey as it is everywhere in the country, so why lose your energy in roads and (little) traffic, if you can pay all the attention to the area?


  • Taste local beers

“Moeder de gans”, literally translated as mother goose (funny isn’t it?) is a restaurant and a local beer, worth a taste. If the name, expectation or taste of this beer doesn’t appeal to you, no worries. Moeder de gans server over 100 types of beers, so there is plenty of choice.

Net to its beers this restaurant has a very nice picturesque appearance, having a calming effect. It’s very nicely located in Teuven. There are two hiking tracks starting there, but plenty more starting in its surroundings. Perfect place to start or end a beautiful trip, if you’d ask me!



So if you’re planning a Europe trip, crossing Belgium, make sure you pass here. If you’re from Belgium and never visited this region, hop in your car! If you’re from Europe, thinking about visiting Belgium, put it on your to-do list. If you’re none of above, plan a visit anyway! It’s a perfect one or two-day trip! Enjoy!

Have you been there already? Let me know what you think of it!


5 thoughts on “The Voer region, Belgium

  1. Absolutely – ‘de Voerstreek’ is the green heart of Europe, and ‘Moeder de Gans’ a jewel at the centre. Did you kick off your shoes and take a walk on the ‘voetenpad’ – a natural oasis behind the inn?!


    1. Sadly enough we did’t. Because we took our oldtimer vw westfalia we had a drive that was taking to long to enjoy everything there was to see. But we will visit again and have a look at the trail! Thanks for the advice!


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