Freakshake? Try not to freak after!

So as promised on my Instagram account I will tell you something more about freakshakes!

This seems to be a thing this year and, even if you are not someone to go with the flow, there is no escaping from it! Why? They just look too attractive!

You’ve got to admit! Doesn’t it look tasty?

What is it and why does everybody love it? Well it’s not something to eat/drink every day, but it’s the perfect thing to leave the house for. If you have a long day in front of you it will provide you with enough energy! If you only have little time, it’s the perfect way to combine sweet and a meal. Don’t think you’ll feel hungry afterwards! And if it’s bad weather and you planned a date, this might be the best choice. Who says no to chocolate, milshake and donuts??

Speaking of a date, at Lott’s of coffee you can order one to share! One drink, two straws and let the romance (and sugaroverload) begin! Even if you travel around Herentals this place is worth a visit for its coffees and more!

So what to donwhen in Herentals, Belgium? You got it! Go freak after a shake!

Warning to people heavily reacting on sugar; share a shake for one as the overdose will kick in!

Where have you tried a freack shake?


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